Belgian Feed Association

The Belgian Feed Association, formerly known as BEMEFA, has the mission to represent the interests of its members and to strive for the general social acceptance of sustainable animal feed production. Today, 160 manufacturers who are producing  98% of the national production (7 million tons), are affiliated. The Belgian feed sector is part of the food chain: feed for food. This results in representations on regional, national and international level.

The use of raw materials in the feed sector, is focused on by-products of the food and the biofuel industry. More than 2 million tons of oilcakes, milling by-products, sugarbeetpellets, citruspellets, etc are valorised each year. This is part of BFA’s sustainability policy.

The feed safety concerns are prioritised in a way that a vertically integrated autocontrol system, validated by the National Food Safety Agency and certified by independent third parties called FCA (Feed Chain Alliance), offers plenty of guarantees on a safe feed. All actors in the feed chain, from raw material producer through trade and transport until processing, are part of this certification system. The Belgian feed sector has put a very robust feed safety system in place, one to be proud of.

De diervoedersector in cijfers

Diervoederfabrikanten maken gebruik van hoogwaardige voedermiddelen en valoriseren jaarlijks circa 3,4 miljoen ton bijproducten van o.a. de voedings- en biobrandstofindustrie die anders op de afvalberg zouden terechtkomen. In België importeren en exporteren we diervoeders vooral van en naar onze buurlanden.

► BFA heeft 130 leden: van kleine bedrijven, middelgrote bedrijven tot grote vestigingen van multinationals. Van familiale bedrijven over coöperaties tot beursgenoteerde bedrijven.

► De leden van BFA vertegenwoordigen zo’n 95% van de Belgische diervoederproductie 

► De Belgische diervoedersector vertegenwoordigt ongeveer 10% van de omzet van de totale voedingssector

► België staat al jaren op de 8ste plaats in de lijst van meest producerende landen in Europa.


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