Manual safety document dust explosion

According to the ATEX-directive, who legally controls the prevention of dust explosions, is each compound feed manufacturer obliged to divide its company in different areas according to the risks of dust explosions. In addition all the machines need to go through an analysis according to dust explosion and work safety.

The implementation of this ATEX-directive is not self-evident in many compound feed companies. Therefore BFA has drawn up a manual safety document about dust explosion (see publications) that's been updated in 2012 to be more of service to the members.

ERM study

The study concerning the external risk of dust explosion seems to be an important item to acquire an environmental permit. A lot of different compound feed manufacturers who asked for an environmental permit were confronted with the question to calculate the external risk of a dust explosion.

The authorities asked to calculate this considering the different reduction measures against dust explosion already taken by the company or still need to be taken.

Therefore BFA had contacted a consultant to address this matter sectoral. There was a model (GEX) drawn up used to calculate the external risks easily. Formatting this model didn't just happen based on literature review, but also using the dataset obtained through a survey among its members.

Both members and non-members can use the online calculating tool. Access is granted after buying the manual (see publications). You can find the procedure and manual of this calculating tool below, together with a list of benefits.


The company can chose to calculate the external risk by herself or appealing to an external consultant. When the company chooses to do the calculations herself, then they are assisted by BFA.

STEP 1: Training to explain the underlying theory of the GEX-program and where the introduction is given to use the tool. Afterwards, the manufacturer can start the calculations by himself.

STEP 2: Guidance session when the manufacturer has already started to fill in the tool. BFA-members don't only get advice, but they can ask all their questions.

STEP 3: In a second guidance session, the study gets completed and submitted for the last time. This session is free offered by BFA when buying the GEX-tool.

If the company prefers to outsource the calculation, BFA can pass on the information of experienced consulting firms.

Because the tool was approved by the Flemish government, it isn't necessary anymore to call upon a recognized safety reporting specialist (VR-specialist). The specialist only needs to intervene to validate the result. 


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